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Dont try this at home

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Out of the hole....
  4kinggenius, Mar 26 2009

So I have been putting in some hours recently and think I have been playing pretty good and not being sucked out on too much but even when I do I have been keepoing my discipline and not tilting (too much). Gettin regular breaks to keep concentration etc etc

I thought that as I didnt have much on today I would put some hands in and increase the BR.

However the dreaded bad run started and within the first 600 hands found myself down 6 BI - I had tried everything from table selection, moving tables, taking breaks when I was running bad etc etc.

Decided there was only one way out of it and so I had to stick with it...

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That was hard work....

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Dont try this at home
  4kinggenius, Oct 29 2008

So my sister called at the weekend and asked to come and stay last night - havent seen her since Christmas and she annoys the fuck out of me but it was difficult to say no!! So her and her knobhead husband rock up yesterday, just seeing them put me on tilt - they decided to crack into my decent wine stock while I was at work (4kingell states - instaban!!) and told me we could go out for dinner. Couldnt fuckin wait...

Anyway I thought i better get some alcohol in me so proceeded to do so at the bar then at dinner (guess which tw@t ended up with the the $200 bill - yep you guessed it!!). I then proceeded to pour more alcohol in me while they drained on about some old shit until I could take it no more and switched the PC and started to play poker in front of them I dont think I was very subtle about how bored I was!!

Fuck knows what they were on about but I was on full steam life tilt 1 step away from pulling my own eye out with a blunt cocktail stick when I decided to see what 1000nl was like. WTF?????

I understand bankroll management and I know sticking your full roll on the felt is the biggest fuck up there is and I know your going to flame the crap outta me

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This blog needs to serve as reminder to me to:

NEVER play these limits again
ONLY play in your BR
NEVER EVER invite my sister over again.....


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